South Carolina Logging Truck Accidents

Have you been seriously hurt in a South Carolina logging truck accident? We are so sorry that you have had to deal with the damages related to this accident. We are here for you through this trying time to give you strong and dependable representation.

South Carolina Logging Truck AccidentsLogging Trucks Are Dangerous on the Road

The International Journal of Forest Engineering published research in the beginning of 2019 that involved an analysis of logging truck accidents. This research showed there was a jump in fatalities involving logging trucks between 2011 and 2015 by 41%.

Are these trucks inherently more dangerous on the road? That is possibly true. They have accounted for many fatal accidents and the log trucks that were involved in these fatal accidents were often older vehicles – around 13 years old. We are instinctively more alert when we see log trucks because of the precarious nature in which they carry their loads. These trucks may not be as safe, regardless, as other trucks and vehicles on the roads.

Concern with Log Truck Driver Training

In that same study in the International Journal of Forest Engineering, they also found that log trucks are more likely to roll over in an accident and that a quarter of rollover accidents were fatal in 2019. As a contrast, other trucks had a fatality rate of only 12 percent in rollover accidents. The study suggests that the drivers of these immense trucks were not properly trained to handle these trucks safely.

Any driver on the road is at risk of being involved in an accident, whether they are at fault or not. That is the risk anyone takes when on the interstates and highways. The drivers for logging trucks, however, are the third most likely occupation to file a worker’s compensation claim.

Log Truck Accident Case

Other drivers tend to be involved in logging truck accidents. Studies show that only 18% of logging truck accidents involve only the logging truck, while 70% of logging truck accidents are between log trucks and passenger vehicles. Additionally, most of these accidents occur on state highways and interstates. We see a lot of accidents happening on our interstates I-20, I-26, I-77, I-85, I-95 and highways US-278, US-17, US 76, and SC 65.

Because of the deadly nature of these accidents, a survivor may feel lucky to have survived. They are entitled to seek justice for their damages. If you lost a loved one as the result of a logging truck accident, you are entitled to seek wrongful death damages. We want to help you get justice, whether you are a survivor yourself or the loved one of someone who has passed.

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