Common Mistakes After a Boat Accident

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What mistakes should I avoid after being injured in a boat accident?


I recently spoke to a man who was injured in a boating accident in North Augusta. I noticed early on that he had made some key mistakes in presenting his claim to the insurance company. One of the first big things about boating accident cases that separate them from other types of cases is that there’s typically not an incident report that’s completed early on. It’s key to make sure that you have an authority of some type come and evaluate what happened and create an incident report. You also want to make sure that you get a list of everyone who saw what happened. There are many different kinds of boating accidents, so you want to make sure that those witnesses are there and that you know how to get in touch with them later on.

The next mistake that I see a lot of people make is that they wait to hire an attorney. Either they don’t think that they’re injured badly enough or, for whatever reason, they delay the process of hiring an attorney. I think it’s important early in any type of boating accident case for you to find a trial lawyer who has experience in boating accident cases, who can help guide you through the process and answer questions for you, and who can fairly and vigorously present your claims to the insurance company and carry your claim through litigation, if necessary.

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