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5 Caleb Avret via

Very professional and attentive. Overall great company!


5 Matthew Malpass, via

Mr. Malchow and his team went above & Beyond working on my case.i greatly appreciate everything they done .I would highly recommend there Law Firm.


5 Dalton Clark via

Knowledgeable staff, very friendly and hard working!!


5 George Bob via

Awesome law firm!


5 Marty Jowers via

Experienced attorneys with integrity


5 BlameLogic via

The staff is very friendly and helpful, all calls and emails are answered.


5 Paige Makaul via

The receptionist, Katlin, is always very helpful.


5 Elena Lopez, via

This whole experience was amazing.


5 Tammy Haile via

Great place ! Love it , it’s very professional


5 Megan Rauch via

This firm is awesome to work with!! Very friendly and professional staff!


5 Caiden Cohen via

The friendly and professional manner with which I was treated throughout the entire process, from the admin. staff to the attorney’s everything was top notch!


5 Susan Moshage via

Staff was friendly and professional answered emails in a timely manner!
Felt confident in the Attorneys. recommend this firm.


5 Gene Lotspeich via

Amazing people !! Would recommend to anybody 🙏


5 Dale Y., via

Professional demeanor throughout the organization. Always attentive and responsive in a timely manner. Fantastic firm.


5 Dwayne Culbreth via

Great at what they do ! Very nice and professional firm


5 Savannah McDade via

Super Professional! Love this business.


5 unicorn life via

Very professional


5 Caiden Cohen via

Very professional and highly reccommend.


5 Anthony Del Toro via

Such an outstanding place! Very impressed my the professionalism!


5 Stephanie Malpass via

My husband and I had a great experience working with Mr. Malchow. Him and his staff were always there to answer any questions we had, discuss any concerns and did the absolute best job for us. You will not be disappointed if you choose to work with him!


5 Cindy Yarid via

Great firm, very professional and friendly!! Highly recommend!


5 Tonya Mcdade via


5 Jackie Gan via

I definitely made the right choice picking Nimmons Malchow Johnson! Their staff was so personable and knowledgeable!


5 Terrance Green via

“I would highly recommend this firm to anyone, the staff really market their practice in a meaningful and ethical way.”


5 Casey Hudson via

A great firm with a knowledgeable staff. Very friendly and helpful! I would recommend them to any of my friends or family.


5 Coleton Cohen via

They helped me settle my claim quick and as painless as possible.


5 Cody Stoffel via

Got my money fast they were very professional and a pleasure to work with


5 Kimberly Garrison via

Very knowledgeable group with exceptionally courteous staff!


5 Tanner Mcdade via

Nimmons Malchow Johnson is such a great firm. They are very professional and knowledgeable in the work they do!


5 William Rodriguez via

Consulate professionals who helped me with everything, and got back to me in a timely matter.


5 Jennifer Cohen via

Nimmons Malchow Johnson is a great law firm with the kindest staff I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with!


5 Kimberly Leonard via

This is such a great firm! Very professional


5 Otis Carteldge via

We have done business with this Law Firm for many years. Partners and staff have always been easy to work with and appreciative. We look forward to working with them for years to come.


5 Sean Grady via

Great Team. They always kept me in the loop on a case that drug out for over a few years. They were very professional and explained everything so I could understand. Can’t thank them enough!


5 Deanna Kitchens via

Great team to work with! Professional and very trustworthy.


5 Penelope Properties via

Professional and knowledgeable to get results! Especially Mr. Malchow. I highly recommend this firm over any others.


5 AJ Murphy via

They’re the best


5 Fred Foster, via


5 Lawanna Profit via


5 Mary Costello via

Very smart and Nice attorneys
Handled my case excellent I so glad I got them on my case thank you Mary Costello

5 Jonquerious Daniels via

Great legal team who provided excellent guidance and ensured that I was served the justice I deserve. I would highly recommend attorney Malchow.

5 Jaylan Sanders via

Attorney Malchow was a joy to work with. He was always available and did a fantastic job at ensuring his client understood the very complex legal procedures. Malchow resolved my case with the best possible outcome and I would 10/10 recommend. Very satisfied client!

5 Tripp Morris via


5 Lynne Kaplan via


5 Christopher Jordan via

The best attorney I ever use I will not use anyone else but him I praise him he’s the best


5 Carlos Rojas via

I found the professionalism at this law firm was in a word excellent. I was astonished at how responsive they were to my questions and how fast their staff got back with me when I called. If your looking for a firm that is knowledgeable and that will “ Win “ your case .. look no further !


5 Sandra Cullinan via

The law firm of Nimmons, Malchow and Johnson offer a hometown good feelIng to all those who enter with genuine southern hospitality and kindness. The operation of handling my case was taken on and lead by Leland Malchow along with his extremely helpful staff. I could tell that Leland and his staff truly cared about me. They went above and beyond in helping me obtain the best settlement possible for my case. I am truly blessed to have worked with them.
I would recommend anyone in need of help to call Nimmons, Malchow and Johnson immediately. It’s hard enough to try to cope with injuries, doctors appointments and in general just getting better. They handled everything else so I did not have to worry.


5 Elizabeth Anderson via

Fantastic firm and always a great experience working with them!


5 Suzanne Jatho via

Leland Malchow recently assisted a family member with a workers comp claim. He was very knowledgeable and offered excellent advice. I highly recommend this firm!


5 Mike Mulherin via

I had a Workmen’s Comp. injury and they took care of everything for me. They did a fantastic job thanks Leland and team.


5 Joe Gaylor, via

I have had the pleasure of working with the fine staff @ NIMMONS MALCHOW & JOHNSON for about the past 15 years, supplying their office equipment and technology. The POLLOCK COMPANY is sincerely thankful to NIMMONS MALCHOW & JOHNSON for their continued support in local business!


5 Howard Storey via

This was my first time ever needing a lawyer.Mr.Malchow made it easy for me to understand and I highly recommend.


5 Kate Bailey via

Nimmons Malchow Johnson is wonderful help for my business needs. I highly recommend this firm. They will definitely take good care of all of your needs in Georgia and South Carolina.


5 Wanda Fobb via


5 Wayne Lamberth via

I recommend Leland Malchow as an attorney. He knows what to do and is very professional and nice


5 LaTanya Alston via


5 Sebastan Ford via

The professionalism was incredible, the determination was great!! I would recommend this Law Firm to anyone


5 Charles Puccio via

I would just like to add that the person’s I dealt with showed high-caliber professionalism


5 Ursala Robinson via

From the beginning to the end of my case, Attorney Malchow was professional, personable, patient and courteous. He and his assistant (Emily), always made me feel at ease with my concerns. When I called Attorney Malchow, he and/or Emily, were always available. I received a 5+ star experience.


5 Dana Dupriest via

Leland Malchow got the first phase of my case finalized in 60 days relieving me of financial worry while I continue to heal from the auto accident. I can’t wait to see what miracle he will perform on phase 2. I highly recommend he and his incredible staff!


5 Tajaira Holmes via

The experience I had at Nimmons Malchow and Johnson was definitely a pleasant one! The situation that I had was a little scary I was quite nervous to see what my outcome would be. My Lawyer was the Johnson out of the company he explained everything to me every step of the way from the beginning to the end. I will definitely use this law firm in the future if ever needed, I also will be spreading the word to my friends and family if they need a personal injury lawyer to get in contact with Nimmons Malchow and Johnson is the one.


5 Robert Wiggins via

after receiving a gunshot wound at a comercial event i contacted leland on the advice of an attourny friend .my case was complicated, because there were multible inities to sue, none of which were cooperitive.we settled with some of inities for close to max. we still are proceeding against the remaining inities.i am well pleased with how hard leland has worked to get these results.


5 Kevin Peniston via

Experienced attorneys with integrity. Professional legal consultants that bring justice to all. Always friendly and very prompt. I always recommend my friends and family to this firm.They are the best !


5 Megan Swartz, via

I’ve dealt directly with ken nimmons. However, at the time chris johnson was picking up his first cases. I’ve never been given such respect and patience .. needless to say, my wreck was complicated and my life was complicated. He didn’t give up. He made sure I was rewarded the amount deserved and some.. our business didn’t end there.. certain circumstances needed representation and regardless of his area he took it on and stood by me until we were given positive outcomes. So I say this to say this, from my wreck all the way down to custody situations chris has hands down worked diligently for my cases. All cases personal injury, custody, and other were handled by him and me and my family couldnt be more happy with the outcomes. This is definitely the law firm you want as a team.


5 Candy Salvo via

Words can’t explain how this law firm helped me …..when no other law firm would take my case these guys did..I’m forever greatful


5 Lauren Rhodes via


5 Tina Bright, via

We were treated with so much respect and kindness. Mr. Johnson did a wonderful job and got us paid what we wanted and deserved. His staff is awesome also. They went and brought us lunch.


5 Omar Scott via

There gave there all in my case I’m I’m very much Happy they got me my money


5 Government Counsel via lawyers dot com

Education Law


5 Government Counsel via lawyers dot com

Workers Compensation


5 Government Counsel via lawyers dot com

Personal Injury


5 Marcie Wilhelmi via 

Leland Malchow is an attorney of the highest character. He has handled cases for several friends of ours, always with a wonderful outcome, surpassing the client’s expectations. He has also been a partner of ours in several businesses over a 25 year period. Leland is very active in our local church, serves on many boards, and is a most honorable human being. Easy to talk to, gracious and genteel.


5 Drew Hill via

Great people, who are eager to help!


5 Patrick Reese via

Great people and great service! Would recommend to anyone!


5 Betsy Ellis Shuford via

We feel fortunate to be working with such an incredible and competent team. We couldn’t have gotten through this process without them. They are an excellent firm to handle your case.


5 Katlin Yarid via

I highly recommend this law firm! Everyone is so kind and hard working!


5 Lila Greene via

Leland Malchow is an exceptional attorney and a true gentleman. He goes above and beyond to provide the most excellent legal advice and counsel. His dedication and passion to provide the best service goes unmatched.


5 Mike Laney via

Hey these folks took care of me, any questions I had they were answered right away. They said for me to worry about recovery and they would take care of the rest, they will go toe-to-toe with insurance companies and workman’s comp. I would highly recommend this team.


5 Wanda Cadle via

Mr. Malchow handled my case for me. He was very efficient and done a wonderful job. I was very pleased and would recommend him to anyone.


5 Chloe Strybing via

Such a great law firm! Everyone is so friendly and personable! I love it here!


5 Angela Williams via

Ken Nimmons and Leland Malchow are two of the best lawyers in the CSRA. I’d personally give them 10 stars myself. They took my case when no one else would. Unlike the lawyers on the TV and radio, their results speaks volumes for them. They’re professional proficient and courteous. They do all the work and don’t suck up your money using sceams and scams. If they can help they say so if they can’t they recommend someone who can. Once you work with them you become family. I Love them, referr all my friends and family to them. And I am a hard person to please. as an ex military drill Sargent and long haul truck driver my expectation are high. NIMMONS AND MALCHOW past the test. Try them for yourself I guarantee you’ll be happy with the out come.


5 Mark Rogers via 

When I was injured on the job I did not know what in the world I was going to do and some of my family members told me about Mr. Malchow I went to meet with him and we went through my accident and what I was going to have to do to settle the company I was working for was trying every they could do to make me leave my job but he encourage me stick it out and everything was going to be okay it took about six months before we could settle and I was satisfied with the settlement he done a great job I recommend him to anyone I have used him into cases and every time great results thanks for you do. Thank you and your team.


5 Amy Dozier via 

Leland is an exceptional example of a lawyer and an individual. He is professional, knowledgeable, extremely smart, a high performer for all his clients and a good solid person. I know you are in the best legal hands when working with Leland. I would trust Leland with any legal issue and feel confident that he will go overboard and will be the highest performance for you and all his other clients. He has done so for us and multiple family members.


5 George Thomas via 

Leland Malchow is your go to attorney if you have any workers’ comp or personal injury legal issues in Georgia or South Carolina. Mr Malchow and his team work treat their clients like family insuring they get the best results. His firm has the only Mock Trial Courtroom in the area which helps to insure that no stone is left unturned in any case that might go to trial.


5 Angela McKie Keller via 

Knowledgable and friendly staff.
Would highly recommend to anyone looking for personal injury representation in the CSRA.


5 T. Johnson via

Insurance company never once helped me, as far as they were concern I could rot. Mr. Malchow made sure I was taken care of, thankyou sir……..


5 Matt via 

Mr. Malchow is a lawyer I can count on. He always has an answer for any legal questions I have. Mr. Malchow is someone that treats his clients like family, making sure to give them the best advice that will work in their favor. I’d recommend him to anyone that is going through personal injury and worker’s comp issues.


5 Andrea Willcox via 

Chris was so helpful in counseling us on next steps for our nuisance neighbor case. He was very realistic, specific, and generous with his time- giving us the exact same advice as another lawyer (who charged us $650 for the 15 minute phone consult). We really appreciated his expertise. We have relied on him for a number of legal matters since- from accidents to estate dealings- he is well versed and ready to tackle the case.


5 Daniel Mccauley via 

Honesty and professionalism that’s what Mr. Malchow proved he and his staff stand for to me. Every aspect of what would happen and what was being done and said was explained. Leland helped me at a time when I needed it the most. Many thanks to him and his staff. If ever I need him again I KNOW I can count on him and getting the best results possible. Thanks again Leland for a job well done.


5 Matthew Wall via 

Mr. Malchow is a lawyer I can count on. He always has an answer for any legal questions I have. Mr. Malchow is someone that treats his clients like family, making sure to give them the best advice that will work in their favor. I’d recommend him to anyone that is going through personal injury and worker’s comp issues.


5 John Sherrod via 

Leland Malchow is an outstanding lawyer in the area of personal injury. I have know Leland for over 30 years. I highly recommend him.


5 Wade Mcmullen via 

You he has an effective and aggressive approach in handling all of his cases. He never uses a cookie cutter approach and he refines his strategy in each case he handles down to the smallest detail. This is a rare quality in today’s world that sets Leland apart from others. From focus grouping cases including the benefit of having his own mock Courtroom to prepare clients for their trials his practice is second to none.


5 Lenya Richardson via 

I have the privilege and pleasure of calling Leland Malchow my attorney, as well as my friend. Leland, and committed staff, are thorough, ethical, creditable, hard-working people who are honest and upfront with me and the status of my case. After my 20+ years working in the legal field, Leland will always be my first call. Make him yours!


5 Cathryn Thomas via 

Leland and his team prepare every case like it is going to trial. With his mock trial room, they utilize focus groups to get jury feed back to make the most effective argument when the case is called for trial.


5 Richard Leonard via 

Very strong lawyers that are professionals. They place they client’s needs front and center. Highly recommend this law firm.


5 Mary Bennett Wolfe via 

A law firm of integrity and knowledge. They take their client needs seriously and thoroughly represent them. Trustworthy, knowledgeable, kind, and thorough representation.


5 Alyssa Anderson via 

Nimmons Malchow Johnson is your go to firm. After a personal injury, Chris and Emily worked with me on a compensation claim. It took a while but they worked tirelessly to ensure I got the compensation I deserved. I definitely recommend them!


5 Margie Beckum McElreath via 

My husband and I have known Leland for years and would not hesitate to recommend him. He is a leader in the community and extremely ethical and honest


5 Andrew Garren via 

I trust Mr. Malchow for a variety of reasons. His experience, work ethic, attention to detail, and values are what make working with him such a tremendous experience. Mr. Malchow is an Augusta native who is family and community oriented. This, along with having a great talent for what he does, makes him a great choice as a personal injury attorney.


5 Cathryn Thomas via 

Mr Malchow was very helpful when a car ran into me. The insurance company of the person driving the other car was refusing to pay for the repair to my car. I called Mr Malchow & asked him to please help me. Within a few days, I received a check in the mail to pay for the damage done to my car.
Mr Malchow is honest, efficient and reliable


5 Lizzie Markwalter via 

I have known Leland my whole life. He is ethical, honest, kind, smart and professional. While I have never needed legal services, I would be happy to use Leland if the need arises.


5 William J Luse Law Firm via 

I would highly recommend Leland to anybody who has been hurt in an accident. As a fellow attorney Leland is someone I look up to and often ask for legal advice. I am personally aware of the quality service his firm provides and would not hesitate to send an injured family member to him who needed help.


5 Edwin Douglass via 

I would highly recommend Nimmons Malchow and Johnson. I trust them to the highest standards of integrity.


5 Ed Presnell via 

This is an extremely well designed website…it presents the quality professionalism of each attorney and team member comprehensively with a client focused approach. If I were seeking legal assistance, this site would be a deciding factor in their favor. I trust each lawyer implicitly, and my dear friend Leland Malchow is the epitome of good ethics, humble persona, and a faithful community servant…..the same characteristics apply to all members of the firm. Again, this website is an incredible reflection of the entire firm….excellent!!!


5 Sherry Laurence via 

Leland handled my brothers Worker’s Compensation case and did a fabulous job with getting it settled after 20+ years. Thank you Leland


5 Warren Turner via 

One of the preeminent personal injury and workers compensation firms in Georgia and South Carolina. I have referred friends and family members to Leland and all have received top notch representation from a great lawyer and a true gentleman. Hard work and compassion leads to great results for his clients.


5 Chase Caldwell via 

I have known Leland Malchow for many years now. His reputation in the area of personal injury law is second to none. There is no one else I would trust to handle my legal needs.


5 Joseph Johnson via 

I’ve had the pleasure of working with both Leland and Chris. My cases were handled with care and great attention to detail. I was very happy with the level of communication I received and at no point did I ever feel pressured or rushed. The rest of the staff were also knowledgeable, helpful and polite. Thanks!


5 Mark Petro via 

Nimmons Malchow and Johnson is a great Georgia accident and injury law firm. I am a lawyer in Alabama and often get calls from injured people that need a Georgia. The Nimmons firm is my Georgia “go to” law firm. I highly recommend them!


5 Rody Jacobs via 

My experience with this firm exceeded all expectations. Mr. Malchow was able to handle all of my questions and concerns with the utmost respect and empathy. He truly cared about me as a client and made me feel as though he was personally invested in the outcome.


5 Angel Corley via 

Leland Malchow is a nice guy and a awesome attorney! His assistant Jennifer is pretty amazing to! Will definitely refer this firm to all my family and friends!!


5 Liz Cox via 

This law firm is absolutely excellent. The lawyers and staff are polite, helpful, and efficient. I will definitely consult with them again in the future.


5 Cherish Barnwell via 

The attorneys at the NMJ Law Firm are truly experts in the legal field that are dedicated to their craft. They handle every case with such empathy and attention to detail, you’ll never second guess if you’ve hired the best that there is to offer. They truly protect their clients.


5 E W via 

Chris was nothing but awesome during such a difficult time. He handled my mom’s estate promptly and professionally. Highly recommend Nimmon Malchow Johnson services. Thank you, Chris, for everything!


5 Morgan McAlpin via 

This is a great law firm. Leland Malchow did a terrific job representing my family. I highly recommend Mr. Malchow


5 Anna Avrett via 

I highly recommend the expert lawyers at Nimmons, Malchow, Johnson if you ever need legal counsel for a personal injury or workers compensation case. They are simply the BEST!


5 carolyn burtard via 

NMJ has an excellent record. Their staff is professional and caring. Highly recommend them for your legal needs.


5 Rosemary Wilkie via 

I was very pleased with the services of Mr. Malchow. I have recommended him a number of times to family and friends.


5 Doug St. Pierre via 

Chris at N. M. J. Was supportive, communicative, and honest. The team that works for him, especially Emily, always made sure my wife and I knew what was going on with our case and consistently were thoughtful and treated us like friends! Even after our case was dragged out by the opposition, Chris and his team stayed focused and diligent! If I ever need legal help, N. M. J. will be my only call!


5 Jessica Johnson via 

I was very pleased with the service and representation I received while working with Mr. Johnson after my car accident. He and the staff at NMJ provided excellent communication and were extremely knowledgeable throughout my experience. I highly recommend this firm to friends and family in need of legal services.


5 Kelly Landry via 

The entire staff at Nimmons, Malchow and Johnson is so helpful, friendly and professional. Their follow up is very good and they seem to truly care about their clients.


5 Sharon via 

My first encounter with Mr Malchow and his office was reassuring, respectful, and very professional. I left the law office knowing that the outcome of my claim was in good, competent hands. Mr Malchow and his staff did a great job of ensuring that my experience was as stress free as possible. Long story short, my outcome was great, and I would recommend his law firm to a friend. Thank you for taking care of me during a time of uncertainty and great need of assistance.
Sharon W.


5 Denis Douglas via 

Mr. Malchow was there for me as soon as I called him. He was very straight forward and honest with me throughout the entire process. At Nimmons Malchow Johnson, they genuinely care about their clients. This is the best law group in town.


5 Gene Ferguson via 

My experience with Mr. Malchow has been excellent. I would definitely recommend his firm to my friends and family. They are extremely professional.


5 Jason Hill via 

Ken and Leland are awesome down to earth people. They have known me since I was teenager and have been there for everything I have ever needed legal advice, help, assistance or representation with. Great law firm full of knowledgeable staff that is very helpful.


5 dashawn hardy via 

Leland Malchow is one the best lawyers in Augusta.
He stays on top of your case until it’s settled,and to get you the best that he can.


5 Karen Stanford via 

Chris Johnson was a lifesaver. He exceeded my expectations in a lawyer. I would highly recommend him and the rest of the firm to my family and friends!


5 Ken Bernard via 

Leland Malchow is an exceptional person and well respected lawyer. I trust him, and would recommend his firm to anyone in the Augusta area.


5 Abby Mack via 

Mr. Malchow has assisted my family with various legal matters for several years. He is licensed in both South Carolina and Georgia which provided seamless continuity for us as we have lived in both states over the years. You simply will not find a more skilled attorney, dedicated to his craft, and improving the lives of the clients he represents.


5 Raymond Brady via 

Mr. Malchow did an amazing job for me. He was always there to answer any questions I had and was able to get a great outcome. It was very reassuring to know that I was in such capable hands. Truly the best law firm in town!


5 Georgianna M via 

When I had an incident in South Carolina, I reached out to Chris for help. He was positive and there for me every step of the way. Being a Georgia resident, I wasn’t familiar with South Carolina laws. It was great to have a lawyer that is licensed in both states to ensure I received the best advice. I would recommend him to anyone.


5 Gus Wall via 

Leland Malchow is an outstanding attorney with very high credentials and an incredible courtroom manner. Even though Leland is an outstanding attorney, he is even a better person !!
When I get into any predicament, I call Leland Malchow


5 Nick Utley via 

If you or a loved one have been injured by someone else’s negligence or at work, you could not make a better choice than to call on Nimmons Malchow and Johnson to represent you. As a colleague, I can tell you the lawyers at Nimmons Malchow and Johnson are well respected in the CSRA legal community and beyond. Having known Leland, Chris, and Ken for a number of years, I would not hesitate to refer them to my own family members or friends, and would hire them myself should the need arise. This firm and it’s lawyers are top notch!


5 Chris Wilson via 

Very nice people. Malchow handled my case many years ago. I was glad to know he is still available if I need him.


5 Amanda via 

Everyone at this firm is especially nice and helpful. Definitely recommend!


5 Karson Pennington via 

A wonderful workplace full of wonderful people! They care about their clients, work tirelessly, and are passionate about what they do. You won’t have a more incredible experience!


5 laura Brinson via 

Leland Malchow is a great man and a hard worker! He practices in SC and Georgia. He has helped so many people in our community. I highly recommend him.


5 Mark Ray via 

Excellent team to work with. Problem solving skills are second to none. Would hire Mr Malcho again if needed.


5 Jerene Grise via 

Very helpful team. They really stayed on the top of issues! I feel confident that they will get me good results!


5 Ann Thayer via 

Nimmons Malchow Johnson are passionate about getting good results for their clients They make sure to stay up to date on law and keep you updated on your case at same same time.


5 MaryCathryn Wilson via 

I have had the pleasure of knowing Leland Malchow for many years, he and his firm are always willing to help in anyway possible, quickly and efficiently. He makes every effort to care for the clients as if they were family.


5 John DeFoor via 

I have had several dealings with Mr. Malchow over the last couple of years and know him to be a gracious and humble man. I would recommend this firm to anyone who is looking for those traits in an attorney.


5 Tracy Conlon via 

I’m glad I have these fine attorneys available to help me when I need them!


5 Bailey Avrett via 

If you are in need of a personal injury or workers compensation lawyer, NMJ is your go to law firm! They work relentlessly to serve both Georgia and South Carolina.


5 Amy Markwalter via 

This is a great firm that obtains great results for their clients – including me. You will be well served by Leland Malchow and his team of experts.


5 Joshua Kreger via 

Leland and Jenna Malchow are great down to earth Attorneys that can stand up for you! Would recommend them to anyone!


5 John Markwalter via 

I previously had the privilege to represent a client in a matter where Leland represented another party similarly situated to my client. Leland Malchow goes beyond “getting the job done” and consistently exceeds all expectations to deliver excellent results for his clients.


5 Roxanna Dunaway via 

I can’t say nothing but high praises for the law firm Leland has always been there ready any time I’ve needed him he helped me with my disability my husband he’s working with my son I think they’re just a terrific place to go if you ever need any help that’s where you need to go to


5 Enrique Perez via 

I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone. They will work hard and keep you updated every step of the way.


5 Rosa Garcia via 

The staff is very friendly and helpful, all calls and emails are answered.
I’m very happy with the services and highly recommend them


5 Kimberly Archer via 

Very professional and caring. Attentive to clients needs and hard working


5 J H via 

From the beginning of our workers comp case the entire staff was there for us. Anytime we had questions, issues with doctors, bills, or correspondence needs, they were there. They got to know our family, what our goals were, and helped us make the best decisions for our situation. Definitely reccomend their office, we have used them for several different needs over the years.


5 Vinson Burley via 

We had a wonderful experience with Mr. Johnson and staff. We have had dealings with numerous law firms and this one is TOP NOTCH, if you are in need of GREAT lawyers look no further. Very professional and will call you personally to discuss case or answer ANY questions you may have. We definitely recommend this firm…


5 Greyson Walker via 

Always looking out for your best interests! Very hardworking.


5 Bob Evans via 

Leland has always displayed superior ability and professionalism in our dealings. He puts his clients needs first to achieve the best results.


5 Andrew Williams via 

All good things to say about Leland Malchow and his law firm! Very responsive, thorough, and informative.


5 John Douglas via 

Great people and representation! Best in the state of Georgia. Call Leland and his team now to help you!


5 Yancey Shearouse via 

Leland Malchow and his team at Nimmons Malchow Johnson continuously strive to be the best, most prepared for their clients. Their mock courtroom sets them apart and shows the investment and dedication they make to each case.


5 Shadrick Clay via 

The entire team is incredibly professional in addition to being well trusted friends. I highly recommend Nimmons Malchow Johnson!


5 Patrick Douglas via 

Upstanding attorneys that are always looking out for YOUR best interest! Very experienced and knowledgeable.


5 E McNeal via 

Leland and Chris are dedicated, ethical attorneys. Chris helped a family member with a speeding ticket and successfully challenged the charge. Leland and Chris are both reliable and professional.


5 Richie Iannacone via 

Mr. Malchow and the rest of the staff were extremely helpful and always explained everything very thoroughly and answered any and all of my questions. I would highly recommend them especially based off of the outstanding results they produced.


5 Lucy Hardy via 

Love Leland Malchow. He helped my brother with his workman’s comp case. Very, very helpful!!


5 Jacqualine nichols via 

Hi my name is Robert F Harris and I had a accident Last year. Leland helped me tremendously.. I was wrote out of work for a length of time.. by a doctor, so I couldn’t get no workers comp money,cause the company wouldn’t pay, nor could I work . Anyways he had helped me out, alot. Even though I had to make a couple of trips to the office, I got to ride in his nice convertible Cadillac.. lol I really recommend his services to anyone else.. Leland is down to Earth and shows that he cares about the situation you are going through..


5 Bryce Ginn via 

Mr. Malchow is a great lawyer, family man, and leader in the Augusta community. Highly recommend!


5 sally griffin via 

Mr. Malchow is an outstanding attorney and person. I recommend him without reservation!


5 Bruce Campbell via 

Leland was very comforting and helpful after our daughter was in an accident and we received a fair settlement.


5 dustin young via 

Responsive, Friendly staff, Easy to do business with, Takes time to understand your situation


5 Melissa Whitlock via 

Excellent experience with Nimmons Malchow Johnson! Very professional and knowledgeable!

5 Robert Moak via 

Great Experience!! If needed I will use again.

5 Garrett Dutton via 

Great people! They did everything they could for me as quickly and efficiently as possible.


5 Martha McCutcheon via 

I would highly recommend this firm . I have personally used this firm and was very p,eased with the outcome.


5 Brittney Rengering via 


5 Mary Grady via 

Any legal matter we have asked Mr. Malchow to help us with, he has handled quickly and efficiently, and thankfully with great results. We highly, highly recommend him.


5 Rebecca Serrano via 


5 Lisa Dunn via 

Mr Malchow & Mallory are the BEST! I had lots of questions concerning my case, and they were always there to support me throughout it. Everyone in the office that I came in contact with was always extremely friendly….If you are looking for an attorney to help with your case, look no further! This is the place to go!!!!


5 Arianna Barrantes via 


5 Michael Trask via 

Great lawyers! Very hardworking! Would definitely recommend!


5 Lou Holmes via 


5 Cathryn Campbell via 

Leland Malchow helped me after I got in an accident. I highly recommend this firm- the best in Georgia and South Carolina!


5 Leigh Porterfield via 


5 Shanda Vaughn via 

I would highly recommend Mr. Malchow if you have a personal injury case in Georgia or South Carolina.


5 lauren glazer via 


5 Alyssa Williams via 

Greatest personal injury attorneys in Georgia and South Carolina who take time for their clients.


5 Caroline Brady via 


5 Eugene Clark via 

Great group here. The real one call that’s all!


5 Caitlin Parker via 


5 tokie harris via 

Great law office. Take your best interest first. Will go to the end and will not quit until you are greatly satisfied.. Thanks for all your help and support.


5 Mamadou Batiga via 


5 Wil Campbell via 

Fantastic attorneys for workers comp cases in Georgia or South Carolina!


5 Henry via 


5 Philip Kelly via 

We appreciate the time energy and effort they it into our case!!!


5 Marylynn Logan via 


5 Dane Anderson via 

Leland, Chris, and their staff are as caring as they are knowledgeable. This is the firm that you want in your corner.


5 Chris fff via 


5 James Walker via 

Leland Malchow is a fine attorney and man that has a passion for what he does and an even stronger passion for his clients and their injury caused by a mistake of someone else. I would never consider to going to an other Attorney’s office other than Nimmons Malchow Johnson


5 Todd Shuford via 


5 Brian Leonard via 

Some of the best lawyers in Augusta. They know their business and keep clients updated


5 Thomas Poteet via 


5 Randy Shuford via 

A pleasure to work with them. They dig in and learn the details. I would highly recommend them.


5 jarius chatman via 


5 kevin hillman via 

Friendly staff, very nice people


5 Jennifer Hillman via 


5 Scott Williams via 

Quality results in a very honest and professional manner


5 Rebekah Correll via 


5 Crystal Atkins via 

Great experience, going beyond my expectations! Thank you !


5 Preston Moss via 


5 Ashley Cromley via 

Mr. Malchow is a great man with the best team in Georgia/South Carolina. He can help YOU!


5 Bridget Cody via 


5 Mary Graham via 

I highly recommend Mr. Malchow. He takes care of his clients!


5 Maggie Douglas via 

Great personal injury lawyer!! Would highly recommend !!


5 justice for all via 

Great people… helped me out through the hardest time of my life. They were amazing and followed through with what they said so far Continuing businesses with them!!! They are truly honest. Hard to say for lawyers but not one lie everything’s point blank!


5 Glenn Honda via 

Mr. Malchow has a great legal mind. I would highly recommend him as a personal injury attorney.


5 Patrick Bird via 

Best service ever!! Highly recommend!!


5 Diane McMullen via 

Very professional! Great lawyers!


5 Kathryn Walker via 

Mr. Malchow is an excellent attorney.


5 Linda Tittel via 

Great team


5 Tread via 

So far so good, but I reserve the right to revisit this review after everything is settled


5 Paula May via 

Excellent Attorney


5 Dustin Sweeney via 

Great lawyers who really care and get to know there clients


5 Betty Collins via 


5 Mandie Williams via 


5 Barry Hall via 


5 Matt Reese via 


5 James LaHatte via 


5 Faye Hargrove via 


5 Sherrill Bodie via 


5 Yong Lee via 


5 Christy Kneeland Wilhelmi via 


5 Danielle Chadwick via 


5 Kevin Kelly via 


5 Brian Franklin via 


5 Rosie Speer via 


5 Taehyung’s Kitten via 


5 Ellen Ribock via 


5 Kaylee Craig via


5 Janene Ortega via


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Tokie Harris

Great law office. Take your best interest first. Will go to the end and will not quit until you are greatly satisfied.. Thanks for all your help and support.

Lisa Dunn

Mr Malchow & Mallory are the BEST! I had lots of questions concerning my case, and they were always there to support me throughout it.

Everyone in the office that I came in contact with was always extremely friendly….If you are looking for an attorney to help with your case, look no further! This is the place to go!!!!

Williamson Family

Great lawyers who really care and get to know there clients

The highest compliment we can receive is that you trust us with the well-being of those who trust you. For 25 years, most of our work has come through referral. We deeply appreciate yours.


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