COVID-19 Business Interruption Insurance

Nimmons Malchow Johnson is a law firm in Augusta, Georgia that has experience making insurance claims in the states of Georgia and South Carolina. Watch this video if you have questions about Business Interruption Insurance Coverage for COVID-19 related losses.


What is important to know about Business Interruption Insurance Coverage during COVID-19?


COVID-19 Business Interruption InsuranceNimmons Malchow Johnson is a law firm in Augusta, Georgia that has experience making insurance claims in the states of Georgia and South Carolina. We are presenting this video on Business Interruption Insurance Coverage for COVID-19 related income losses. Our first piece of advice for all businesses is to get your Business Interruption Policy from your agent and have an experienced attorney review the policy. Some policies have virus or government closure, also known as civil authority coverages and exclusions. Some do not. It is important to act quick because some policies have time limits for submitting claims.

Many policies require you to prove physical loss to your property or a close neighboring property to have Business Interruption Insurance Coverage. According to Harvard researchers, the COVID-19 virus can survive 2 to 3 days on plastic and stainless steel. This research can be used to prove property damage to your property. Our research also indicates that courts around the country recognize physical loss and damage items similar to the COVID-19 virus. Business Interruption Insurance was found by courts for the following items: smoke, ammonia, toxic gas, and gasoline. Your policy may include civil authority coverage. The mayor of Augusta listed property damage as a reason for his closure order on March 21, 2020. Research indicates that some Lloyd’s of London and Hartford policies do not have virus exclusions. That’s why it’s important to have someone with experience review this policy very soon.

We recommend that all businesses that have business interruption insurance file a claim with your agent immediately because some policies have a time limit for filing a claim. We advise you to keep records of losses and expenses. We advise you to have a lawyer with insurance coverage experience to look at your policy if your claim is denied. Nimmons Malchow Johnson has experience with insurance coverage disputes, and we would be happy and honored to review your policy. Contact our office today.

Are you a business owner that has questions about COVID-19 Business Interruption Insurance? Contact the experienced Georgia personal injury lawyers at Nimmons Malchow Johnson today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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