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Have you been seriously injured in a bicycle accident? You may be feeling stressed and uncertain. You need to know several things about your case in order for you to have the best chance at success. Your injuries are likely severe and we want to get you the compensation that you deserve. Our North Augusta bicycle accident lawyers are here to help guide you through your case and get you the results you are looking to get. It is unfortunate that you have had to deal with this accident, but we are here to help. Please call our office today to get a free initial consultation.

South Carolina Bicycle Accident Statute of Limitations

To have a successful bicycle accident case, you have to be sure that you are going by the statute of limitations. Every bicycle accident that involves compensation must meet a deadline. Your statute of limitations is the amount of time you get to file your claim. In South Carolina, you are given three years from the date of your accident to either settle it in civil court or bring your claim.

This a law so that means if you are late, you are no longer eligible for compensation. This is the unfortunate fact with this law. If you have been seriously hurt in a bicycle accident and you want to receive compensation, you need to call a lawyer as soon as you can. The sooner you hire a lawyer, the more time they have to work on your case and make it strong.

When you have a lawyer by your side early on, it is a benefit. You should not delay talking to a lawyer as, even waiting a couple of weeks can damage your case. You do not want your evidence to go missing or disappear. Furthermore, if you wait until the last minute to try to start a case, a lawyer may not be able to help you as these cases take time to build and they need some time to do so.

7 Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Bicycle Accident Claim

7 Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Bicycle Accident Claim

How South Carolina Bicycle Accident Compensation Works

In South Carolina, you have to get compensation by the rules of modified comparative negligence, or shared fault. That means that your compensation award will be affect by how much fault you shared in causing the accident and thereby your injuries.

You can get compensation that covers any past or future medical bill, lost wage, or pain and suffering that you have endured. A number is deliberated and determined in negotiations as to what is fair to compensation you for these damages and then that number will be impacted by what percent fault you share.

Shared fault laws work as such:

  • Sharing no fault in the accident results in full compensation.
  • Sharing partial fault in the accident results in a reduced compensation award.
  • Sharing more than 50% fault in the accident results in no compensation.

For example, if the insurance negotiations determine that you are 20% at fault for the accident because of something you did wrong while on your bicycle, then your award will be reduced by 20%. If you have been awarded $10,000 for your injuries, that award would turn into $8,000. We will work tirelessly to make sure you get a full and fair compensation award.

The Most Important Step for a Successful North Augusta Bicycle Accident Case

In regards to every personal injury case along with bicycle accident cases, you need to get medical care immediately. Your health and your case are at risk if you do not do this as soon as possible. You want to be able to get better quickly and make a full recovery and that may not happen if you delay or avoid treatment. In some cases, you only get worse or you could create more problems for your health if you wait.

You also do not want to give the insurance company any reason to be suspicious of you and your injuries. If you wait to see a doctor, they could claim that your injuries happened somewhere other than your accident with their insured. They could also claim that you are lying about how severe your injuries are if you did not get treatment or delayed treatment. With these grounds, they can try to eliminate or reduce your claim which is something we do not want to happen to you.

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