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If you were severely injured in a motorcycle accident, you may be looking for representation. Our North Augusta motorcycle accident attorneys are here to help guide you through your case. We are dedicated to getting clients the compensation that they deserve. Please give our office a call today to set up your free initial consultation.

How South Carolina Motorcycle Accident Compensation Works

If you are filing a motorcycle accident claim in North Augusta, you need to know that your compensation is subject to the laws of modified comparative negligence. If you share fault in causing the accident, that will affect how much compensation you get.

Here’s how that works:

  • If you have no fault, you get full compensation.
  • If you have partial fault, you get reduced compensation.
  • If you have more than 50% at fault, you get no compensation.

The quicker you can hire a North Augusta attorney, the stronger your case will be, and the less likely it will be that your compensation will be reduced.

7 Mistakes People Make After Motorcycle Accidents That Ruin Their Claim

7 Mistakes People Make After Motorcycle Accidents That Ruin Their Claim

First Steps for a Successful South Carolina Motorcycle Accident Case

If you want the fullest compensation award, then you need to know three things about your motorcycle accident case:

  1. Emergency medical attention is the most important thing you will do. If that means you go to the emergency room, then you should do it. The sooner the better in this case. You need to make sure you are getting treated for your injuries and that your doctor knows about everything that is in pain after the accident.
  2. You have to have evidence from the scene. Motorcycle accidents often mean you get on the back of an ambulance right away so this step might have to be taken by someone else on your behalf. You need photos and videos from the scene of anything that might be related to the accident including the vehicles and the scene. You also want contact information from witnesses and other drivers involved in the accident.
  3. You have to get to an attorney as soon as possible. Hiring an attorney early on will be beneficial to the success of your case.

Most Common Types of Motorcycle Accident Injuries

When someone gets hit on a motorcycle, the chances of that accident being catastrophic or fatal are much higher than a car accident, for example, because the motorcyclist does not have a metal frame to protect them from impact. They also often have serious injuries from secondarily impacting with the ground.

The most frequently seen types of motorcycle accidents include:

  • Concussion aka traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Head, neck, or back injury
  • Dislocation
  • Spinal cord Injury
  • Paralysis
  • Fractured or broken bones
  • Muscle, tendon, or nerve damage
  • Scarring and disfigurement

These accidents can sometimes be permanent. After your accident, you need to get to a doctor as soon as you possibly can so that you can prevent your injuries from getting worse. What might seem to be a minor pain could turn into a serious injury that may eventually require surgery if you leave it untreated.

South Carolina Motorcycle Accident Statute of Limitations

To have a successful motorcycle accident claim, you need to take some key steps to secure your compensation. You will experience obstacles that you will need to know how to navigate them. A crucial part of navigating obstacles is having the right attorney by your side to guide you through the case every step of the way who knows what they are doing.

The sooner you get to an attorney, the better chance your case will be successful. You also want to get to an attorney right away so that you do not miss your statute of limitations. South Carolina allows three years from the date of your accident to bring your claim or have it settled in civil court. Your attorney will be able to give you a better shot at full compensation if you give them as much time as possible to work on your case.

Three years goes by quickly in the world of personal injury cases, and we want as much time as you can give us to build you a case so that you get better results sooner. We will do everything we can to push the case along as fast as we can and you can make our job easily by hiring one of our North Augusta motorcycle accident attorneys as soon as possible. If you miss your deadline, you will no longer be eligible for compensation, so act quickly.

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If you have been seriously hurt in a motorcycle accident, please call our North Augusta motorcycle accident attorneys today to represent your case. We will work tirelessly to get you the results you deserve. Please call our office right away to set up your free initial consultation with our dependable and skilled attorneys.

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