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We trust our pharmacies to provide us with medication that will help us and not hurt us, but when there are medication errors made either by the prescribing doctor or the pharmaceutical staff, then you might be entitled to file a claim. Our South Carolina medication error lawyers are here to help you figure out what you are legally entitled to. If you or someone you love has suffered injury or harm because of a medication error, please get in contact with us right away to set up your free, first consultation. We are eager to hear from you and help you get started on the path to justice. Call us right away.

Common Medication Errors

 Location errors can happen for a number of reasons but most commonly they are either because of the doctor who prescribed the medication or the nurse, as well as errors within the pharmacy itself. It can be considered negligent if your medication error was because of something as careless as having bad communication between the doctor and the pharmacy, either written or verbal, unchecked errors within the system, the pharmacy being understaffed or overworked, as well as other careless and avoidable mistakes.

When a medication error occurs and injuries such as unwanted adverse reactions to a drug that they were not supposed to be taking or an overdose because they were given the wrong dosage, justice needs to be pursued. In instances where a patient is given the wrong medication, they are also being deprived of the medication that they do need to help whatever is ailing them.

You may be able to find the doctor or pharmacist negligent if one of the following things is proved to be true:

  • The wrong medication was prescribed carelessly
  • The wrong dosage was given to the patient unintentionally
  • The wrong type of medication was unintentionally given to the patient
  • The history of the patient’s prescription drug use was not taken into consideration when giving them medication
  • The patient was not sufficiently warned of all the risks and side effects associated with the medication that they were prescribed
  • A dangerous mix of medications were given to the patient unintentionally

If any of these scenarios sound like what you have experienced, please get in contact with our South Carolina medication error lawyers as soon as you possibly can so that we can get started working on your case right away after meeting with you for a free consultation.

Filing a Lawsuit for Medication Errors

 You are entitled to a lawsuit if you have suffered injuries and damages because of a medication error. You have a right to bring a medical malpractice claim against the liable party. When you do bring a medical malpractice claim, you need to be able to prove that negligence was present in your case. To have a successful claim you are going to have to prove the following:

1) There was a duty to care.

 Any medical professional who provides care to patients has an obligation to act in a way that meets the standard of care for their profession and any behavior that does not meet that can potentially be negligent. The duty of care exists so that patients receive the best possible standard of care from medical professionals. When medication errors happen, it is a failure of the healthcare professional to meet this duty to care. That could come from them not reading their charts to ensure that the medication they prescribe isn’t going to interact with another drug or it could be giving the wrong dose which harms a patient.

2) There was a breach of duty.

 In line with the standard of care that is required for medical professionals, if they breached their duty to meet this standard then they can be liable for any harm that a patient suffers. If a pharmacist were to carelessly fill the wrong order for a patient, they can be liable for any overdose or allergic reaction or unexpected adverse reaction that the patient suffers. Furthermore, these breaches of duty can cause permanent damage.

3) There is causation.

 If the negligence of the medical professional can be linked directly to your injury or illness and damages, then this can be causation. Whether that be because they filled the wrong prescription or gave you the wrong dose or gave you medication that you are allergic to or interacts with your other prescription drugs, they can be held liable because of this causation.

4) There were damages.

In order to be able to receive justice in the form of compensation, we have to be able to prove what your damages were and that they were in fact linked to your prescribing doctor or pharmacist’s negligence. Your damages might be economic in the sense that you lost wages or had to spend money on medical bills or it can be non-economic in the sense that you suffered pain and mental anguish.

Our South Carolina medication error lawyers are here to help you through your case to provide you with the justice that you deserve by proving what needs to be proved.

How Our Lawyers Can Help You

Our South Carolina medication error lawyers are passionate about handling cases for clients who have been harmed by the negligence and carelessness of their prescribing doctors and nurses or pharmacists who did not do their job properly and ended up causing damages. It is up to their medical care professionals to be held accountable for making mistakes such as these, which can cause permanent damages and sometimes death. We are here to help.

We trust these people to keep us safe and to provide us with the best possible care because they are sworn to give us a certain level and standard of care. When they are negligent and careless and give us medication we are not informed about or the wrong medications for us and we suffer things as horrible as temporary or permanent health implications, as well as medical expenses or lost wages, then you are owed this justice.

We have handled countless cases where people have been wronged by medical professionals who put them in harm's way through medication errors. We believe that you should be compensated fully and fairly for the damages that you have suffered and we will not back down until we see that your results match the injustice that you’ve had to face. We are ready to take your call to set up a free consultation with you as soon as possible.

Our South Carolina medication error lawyers will utilize all of their resources to provide you with the best possible case that they can. We will investigate your case fully to determine what you are owed and who the liable party is. We will do all of the hard parts of your case so that you never have to worry about how to get yourself justice. We let you focus on your recovery and we take care of the legal aspect of your justice.

How Cases Are Investigated

 Because medication errors often mean that someone has suffered serious and potentially permanent harm, these cases are intensely investigated by our South Carolina medication error lawyers to ensure that we have a strong case for our clients to provide them with the fullest possible justice.

 The following includes what is typically included in an investigation for a medication error:

  • The education background as well as the training and licensing of the pharmacists
  • What the policies and procedures are for the pharmacy
  • Any instructions or warnings given by the pharmacists either in writing or verbally
  • The employment file for the pharmacist
  • Computer records and documentation from the pharmacy
  • The prescription order from the doctor
  • The medical record and history of prescriptions for the client
  • The machines that mix medications in the pharmacy

If you have questions about how we thoroughly investigate your claim to provide you with full and fair results, please call our South Carolina medication error lawyers right away to get started with your free, first consultation.

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If you or someone you love has suffered because of a medication or pharmaceutical error, then you might be entitled to bring a claim and file for compensation. Please get in touch with our South Carolina medication error lawyers today to set up your first free consultation with us to go over the details of your circumstances and hear what you are legally entitled to. Don’t wait, call us today.

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