Understanding Workers Compensation Injuries

When you are hurt at work, you may be wondering what you can do about this and if you are even eligible for workers compensation. Our lawyers can help with understanding workers compensation injuries and which ones would warrant a worker’s compensation claim or a third party claim.


What is considered a workplace injury?


Understanding Workers Compensation InjuriesI had a client call me recently who had been badly injured in a fire while working for a small employer that had only four more employees. He asked me if he’s covered under workman’s compensation for his injury. If you’re reading this, you may have similar questions. I’ll share with you what I shared with him.

All employers in the state of South Carolina that have four or more employees are required to have workman’s compensation insurance. If they have workman’s compensation insurance, you’re definitely covered under the workers’ comp system. The state of South Carolina also has a very good provision whereby the state of South Carolina uninsured employer funds step in and provide insurance coverage for those employers that do not have insurance coverage. The state of South Carolina will pay the claim, pay the lost wages, pay the medical bills, and pay the permanent impairment rating, and then they will make a claim against the uninsured employer for what they pay out.

Here is what you should be doing immediately after your workplace injury:

If you want to make sure that you have the best chance of success in your case, you absolutely need to inform your employer of the accident. The very first step that you should take needs to be to report your injury to someone higher up than yourself. That could be either your employer or supervisor. You have to make sure that this happens immediately, as you do not have an unlimited amount of time to report your injury.

You may be required to file paperwork related to your workers’ compensation claim through your employer. You need to keep any copy of the reports and paperwork that you fill out for your own records.

Depending on how much you make, you will be able to receive a portion of that in workers’ compensation for a limited amount of time. There will be a maximum number determined based on your wages and it will vary from case to case as to how long you can receive this weekly wage from workers’ compensation.

Do make sure that you are contacting a lawyer right away so that you don’t miss steps or deadlines. You do not want to miss out on the chance to collect workers’ compensation because of a few details. The sooner you get to a lawyer about your case, the better off you will be.

If you have any questions at all about your North Augusta workers’ compensation case, give us a call. We’d be happy to help.

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